Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Top Ten Interactive Fraction Websites

Fraction Websites for First, Second, and Third Grade

These are some of my favorite fraction websites to  introduce or review basic fraction concepts including identifying, naming, and comparing fractions. 

Pizza Fraction
Enter the cafe and decide whether the pizza is divided into fair shares.

Fraction Shoot
This site does have ads on either side of the game (I don’t usually like these), but it does have student decide whether shapes are divided into equal or unequal parts. 

Fraction Bowling
Students click to color in part of a shape. and then write the fraction. If they are correct a bowling pin appears. When they get all their bowling pins, the ball knocks them down.  Shapes are divided into up to 12 parts, but a nice site to review naming fractions. 

Cross the River
Given a fraction (parts of a whole) student select the correct fraction so that the boy can cross the river. I love the little music that plays when he crosses the river, get ready to boogie. 

Fraction Concentration
Match the fraction to the picture.

Fraction Flags
Create colorful flags by coloring the fractional part.

Select easy and each problem has the same denominator. This shows fraction on a number line (actually a telephone line). If the answer is correct, a bird lands and lays an egg. Feedback is given if the answer is incorrect. Nice as a linear mode.
This site has four different levels and can used whole group or individually. It starts very basic starting with selecting the number of slices of pieces needed. The highest level has students find equivalent fractions (with picture support).

Mendall’s Magic Math Market It does move into decimals quickly – but I would use the first section to demonstrate to students just learning about fractions. 

Cookies for Grampy
Make cookies for Grampy by selecting the correct fractional parts. No bells and whistles but nice to compare equivalent  fractional parts of a circle. 

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