Sunday, March 30, 2014

Learning Goal Stand

Creative juices are slowly returning, so I decided I needed a mini-stand for my learning goals.

A lot has been going on in the last six months that have detoured me from my blog, but I'm back. I have a wonderful group of first graders this year. One of the things that I have been focusing on this year is posting my learning goals. With several reading groups and math groups a day (I do guided math 3 days a week), it has been a challenge to post specific goals. A colleague led me to Falling Into First Grade's post. Stephanie created a mini-anchor chart with PVC pipes.

I wanted mine to fit papers landscape style. Then I could use page protectors to store my goals.  After a couple of visits to Lowe's, I think I have something that will work. I used duct tape to fancy it up. Now I can just flip over the page for the next group's goals. I have made 2, one for reading and one for math. Can't wait to use it.

Learning Goal Mini-Chart

Supplies Used:
1- long 1/2 PVC pipe (I used one long tube and cut it into three pieces) .
2 - 1/2 inch elbow slip (not threaded)
2 -  T pipes the top opening needs to be 1/2 inch the bottom two need to be inch. This is to give it a little stability

***  I bought the T pipe with a threaded side so I needed to add 2 -1/2 adapter (slip and thread). I had already cut the the pipe.

I didn't have a hack-saw or anything to cut the pipe, so I used a tool that I use to cut branches. Hopefully, I didn't ruin it, but school comes first ;)