Monday, January 28, 2013

Subtraction Fluency

Even though I am currently teaching a unit on place value, I keep fluency games in my math center to help my students develop automatically with some of their math facts. Football season is winding down. Although not a big football  fan, I did think of a football themed math activity while watching a game. Students need just one game piece, two dice, and a game board. The game piece will move back-and-forth across the field as students find the difference between the two dice (to mix it up you can use dominoes).

Click here for a free copy of this activity.

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  1. Kathy! Hi , I am so happy I found your blog :) and I'm your newest follower! yay, lucky #2. Wow you have some great stuff here. I love your blog's name an adventure in teaching and learning. I love it because that is what teaching is all about, all an adventure full of new things every day!

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