Saturday, January 26, 2013

First Grade Place Value Websites

Three days a week, I do my version of math workshop. In one center, students use the computer to reinforce the standards covered. I create a word/html document and put it in a shared folder so students can just click on the links (actually I embed the link in  a picture from the website).  Email me and I'll send you a copy of this.Sometimes I use these when we go to the computer lab.

I have included a brief description so that you don't have to research these yourself. I tend to avoid sites that have ads or are too busy.

First Grade – My Favorite Hundred’s Chart Interactive Websites

This is great to do with an interactive whiteboard (or have students do it on their own). Students will race to find numbers on a blank hundred’s chart. I line six to eight students up at a time and then they quickly find “the number” and sit down. A great way to learn to visualize numbers on a 100’s chart.
This is an interactive hundred’s chart which allows students to paint different numbers. This is just an exploration type activity. 
Find the target number on a hundred’s chart. 
Find 10 more than the target number on a hundred’s chart. 

My Favorite First Grade Place Value Websites

You are given the tens and ones, and you need to find the numeral that matches. If you are correct, the dolphin jumps over the boat, incorrect a shark takes a bit out of the boat.
Shark Numbers - More shark fun. Select one of 4 levels with the highest being numbers up to 999.
Shark Pool – Ten’s and One’s
The same as shark numbers but with cups instead of place value blocks.
A funky drum rhythm plays as you use base ten blocks to form numbers. You can select one’s and ten’s or add the hundred’s place.
Ten’s and one’s using ten frames, not much pizzazz to this site, but great for visualizing tens and ones using 10-frames.  You can also use this whole group or with an interactive white board while students record this on a whiteboard or place value mat.
Dinosaur Place Value – Build numbers by clicking on the correct dinosaur eggs. For the number 15 you will need to click on the 10 and 5 eggs. Cool dinosaur roaring.
Given tens and ones, identify the number.
Identify the digit in the ones, tens, or hundreds place
Save the swimmer by using a number line and a ten’s and one’s button on the lifeguards boat.
Critter Junction - This site goes to the hundred’s place. Feed the critters. Add place value blocks for hundred’s, ten’s, and one’s. 


  1. Wowza (not sure if this is a word) but there a lot of resources here! Love it :)

  2. I LOVE ictgames!! I am so surprised at how much my kinderkids like it too (I used it in 2nd and 3rd all the time)


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