Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Buddies - First Grade Fun

 To celebrate 100 days of learning, and because we haven't had any snowball making snow, my first graders (with some help from two awesome parents) made these snow buddies. They are just too cute (my first graders and the snow buddies)!

Supplies Needed:
One sock for each student (crew sock with no heel lines either women's small or boy's large)
Batting for stuffing
Scrap material and felt or fleece ( I just used left over materials)
Rice (uncooked to give the Snow Buddy some stability) 
String or Yarn

Put about 1/2 cup of rice in the bottom of each sock  (parents helped with this).
Have students stuff their socks with batting. They really need to stuff it in to make it look more snowman like.
Tie a string around the middle to give it a belly.
Tie another string to the top, leaving enough to fold over the cuff to make the hat. 
Decorate with buttons, felt, etc.
I have parents help using a low-temp glue gun. Students design and adults glue. If you hot glue gun the hat (cuff) down, it won't flip over.

This year I forgot pom poms for the hat (cuff). My parents quickly whipped up the adorable pom poms by wrapping yarn around a card, pulling it off, tying it off, and then cutting the folded ends.


  1. This was a really fun project for the "awesome parents" involved. Thank you for sharing!

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